VSP® Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program

A program designed to create additional opportunities for you to retain patients, while earning more revenue for your practice.

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How the Program Works

It's simple to get started! All you do is complete the online application. The ads are created for you.

Great News! Your patients can enroll in a VSP Individual Vision Plan over the phone and visit your office for an exam on the same day.

Educate a patient about the benefits of
a VSP Individual Vision Plan online or in your office.

Patient clicks on the Individual Vision Plan ad on your practice’s website or Facebook page, or calls VSP to learn more.*

Patient either lands on the application page online or starts an application over the phone.

Practice receives the appropriate advertising payment ($8 for VSP Global® Premier Program practices/$5 All other network practices) via email.

*Purchase of a VSP Individual Vision Plan is not required to receive the advertising payment.